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What is the difference between Mila chia seeds and the cheaper chia seed in the supermarket?

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Many people asked me this question. This video explains it really well.

My answer? I took it, my family took it, their health change for the better, we continue to take it. No more mental issues, no more high cholesterol, no more hight blood pressure, no more medication.

Do I want to risk taking cheaper chia after such a great improvement in our health?
No way.

Times Magazine Inflame

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Man from Ipoh with inflammation in the liver now well after taking Mila!

I met Alfred last year as well at Port Dickson. I didn’t know that he has a history of liver inflammation then. I guess he wanted to keep it quiet for fear that his family will know about it and that they will be concerned, because his own father had passed away from liver cancer when he was young. I am so surprise by this news that after he took Mila for a few months, his liver inflammation is gone. He has even gotten the blood test results to show for it! Amazing! No medication just Mila natural chia seeds!

I am sure that there are many men in Singapore that share the same condition as well, and probably suffering in silent.  Alfred upon discovering the inflammation in his liver, started exercising, quit smoking and drinking. Yet it didn’t change his liver condition until he took Mila. Why? The reason is because of food in Malaysia or Singapore or anywhere else in the world is devoid of Omega 3 essential fatty acid that will reduce the inflammation. It is a nutritional problem! If your car has run out of engine oil, no amount of driving long distant and extra fuel will help the engine to run better!! You have to add engine oil!

Omega 3 is a natural oil that our body need. Our body does not make Omega 3 through any organs! It has to be consumed in order to replenish it in our system. Alot of food now in the hawker centre, restaurant or even our homes do not have it. The reason is because industrial farming has stripped Omega 3 off our food supply!  Inflammation then start to flare up in everybody’s life as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes etc. That’s why Times Magazine published at article on “Inflammation: The Secret Killer” as shown on our featured picture of this blog.

Times Magazine Inflame

Ladies and Gentlemen, inflammation is like an epidemic now because industrial farming has stripped Omega 3 off our diet. Mila is the perfect solution because it is the safest, plant based and highest source of Omega 3 in the world now! It has 8 times more Omega 3 than wild Atlantic Salmon!

Picture 10

So don’t wait to try Mila now!


Now selling the big 16 oz bag of Mila at SGD79 with a free 2 litre BPA free bottle to be given away while stock last! 

Call 96858048 immediately or email using the following form:


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How to lose 10 kg in 30 days while eating well!

Food tasting party

Healthy eating does not have to be boring or taste awful! Come and try these healthy recipes for FREE!

These are some photos of our previous meetings. We have talks on Mila every month and there are more and more people joining us!


Bizop 25 May 2013

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Mila is for people of all ages. People of Singapore can look forward to a healthier 2013!

Agents from over 30 modelling agencies gathered together to hear about Mila. They are interested to find out how their models can stay beautiful and healthy despite a punishing work routine.

Many Models testified about how taking Mila it makes them look great naturally while they juggle their busy schedules. Here are a few interviews.

Weight loss, beautiful hair and nails, no more constipation…these are what’s happening for them. Do you want the same experiences?

Mila is not just for the old and sick but for the beautiful and for everyone of all ages. It is simply great nutrition that body to repair itself.

Our body cells are replace and renewed every 7 to 10 years. So without good nutrition, our bodies cannot find the right resources to generate good cells. So its no wonder Mila helps!

Mila is how you can look and feel 10 years younger!

The simple truth is,”We are what we eat”.

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